Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

I'm a problem solving interaction design student at California College of the Arts in SF. 
I specialize in UI/UX, all things research with a deep interest in storytelling. I want to design interactions that leaves a positive influence on culture, values and the future.

If you have any questions about me or my work, or just feel like chatting it up. Email me, .


Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

At The Center We Remain is a photo journal project that focused on the beauty and diversity Downtown Oakland City Center.

Digital Photography, Street Photography

Abstracting Atmospheres is a style that is inspired by Ray Metzker who used formal techniques to see hidden scenes. I started this project with this approach, I mostly observed and kept my distance from people. I was using sunlight and existing structures to frame the human experience.

I was challenged to explore any subject with the intention to connect a narrative with images that evoke emotion and feeling. I chose Downtown Oakland, a place where existing residents (myself included) are feeling an economic push.

The Decisive Moment was a term coined by the pioneer of street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. I applied this way of seeing as I moved in closer taking snapshots of my neighbors and travelers. Timing and observation are essential.

Conversational Portraiture allowed me to have meaningful interactions with individuals who were open to be photographed. I would trade stories with people and build trust, before taking their portrait.

I wanted to add a layer of experience to this project beyond images. I recorded the sounds of Broadway and 13th. All the audio was added to 24 images in the form of a video. Enjoy.