Julian Crespo
Product Designer

Hi, I'm Julian.

4 years ago I dedicated myself to the craft of design and to the philosophy of design thinking. I chose to become a designer because I feel it provides practical boundaries for me to express my creative curiosity. I believe that constraints are essential for harnessing creativity because they require deep evaluation which grounds expectations to reality. I understand boundaries of business and how to be creative within them. My pathway to finding design may not be conventional, but my journey has taught me how to accept change, how to be vulnerable, how to adapt, how to silence my ego, how to fail and how to overcome.

If you have any questions or feedback about any of my projects feel free to send me a .

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As a product design intern I researched, prototyped, tested, and iterated an internal facing admin tool.

Unfortunately due to nondisclosures, I'm only allowed to share this work in-person. I published a summary of my experience and what I learned. 

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