Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

I'm a problem solving interaction design student at California College of the Arts in SF. 
I specialize in UI/UX, all things research with a deep interest in storytelling. I want to design interactions that leaves a positive influence on culture, values and the future.

If you have any questions about me or my work, or just feel like chatting it up. Email me, .


Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

Forage is a farm-to-home kitchen meal alternative that encourages non-meat reliance and community support.

Branding, Visual Design, App Concept, Prototype, Motion in Protopie

I was challenged to create a visual language for a mobile app concept. The brand vision was to promote healthy eating, community supported agriculture and sustainable living.

The UX and UI design study was a true test. This service is not a new concept. I did a competitive analysis and found similar products to be spatially confusing, particularly with the recipe swap function. I wanted to create a more condensed and straight forward experience.

The Product Introduction set the visual tone and allowed me to share what was important about Forage. This was also an opportunity to introduce the humanitarian minded brand message.

Onboarding was a requirement that I fully embraced. I was able to focus on the expected experience for potential subscribers. I was also able to gather important dietary information, like food allergies.

Multiple Touchpoints increase visibility and reach of the brand. Borrowing elements from the mobile experience, I was able to create a layout for the web that was cohesive. The desktop version allows me to solidify the visual language and showcase the brand vision.