Julián Crespo

Hey! I’m Julian, I'm an interaction design student at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. 

I specialize in UI/UX design & research with a keen interest in storytelling. I want to design interactions that leaves a positive influence on culture, values and the future.

If you have any questions about my work, or just feel like chatting it up. Email me,


Julián Crespo


What if the SF zoo was also a museum?

Project Overview

Our group created a project that adds a layered experience to the traditional zoo experience. We are introducing a portal into more information behind each species at any given exhibit. Using your mobile device you will be able to see visual representations of animals that are not actually there. 


Research current augmented reality technology and applications. Consider more than one "vertical", eg: entertainment, health care, architecture, interior design, tourism, etc.

Key Skills


Project Length

4 weeks

Type of project:

Grouped up with Avto Grigolia & Yang Hong

The Process


Understanding the flow

Establishing the system early is the only way to define the scope of the project. It is even more important when working in groups. This project is intended to be rough and low fidelity, since we were not diving into XCode.


Starting low-fidelity

Making sure not to get stuck in a design space too soon, we iterated multiple versions of paper prototypes to make sure we had a digestible user flow.


Taking the wires to digital

Using Adobe XD to prototype low fidelity digital.

The Prototype


A Clickable Prototype

The final deliverable was to created a clickable prototype in either Invision or Adobe XD. The fidelity was intentionally low. The purpose of this project was to wrap our heads around the conceptual possibilities of Augmenting the world.