Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

I'm a problem solving interaction design student at California College of the Arts in SF. 
I specialize in UI/UX, all things research with a deep interest in storytelling. I want to design interactions that leaves a positive influence on culture, values and the future.

If you have any questions about me or my work, or just feel like chatting it up. Email me, .


Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

Planit is a mobile application that provides college students with the power to plan and prioritize by providing simple methods to manage heavy workloads.

Exploratory Research, Entrepreneurship, App Concept, Motion in Keynote

I worked with a group where we applied the Lean Startup method to a problem we shared passion for - Task and Time management. The goal was to find a toe-hole in a market and develop a minimum viable product as quickly as possible before pitching to potential investors.

Market Research led us to understand important aspects of our chosen market. Markets are broken down into three sections: the total size available (TAM), the serviceable that is available (SAM), and the serviceable that is obtainable (SOM). This process was heavy on the primary research.

“I value a task management tool over a time management tool but I also find it is very hard to anticipate how long tasks take to complete.” - Noam Zomerfeld, interviewee

Task List and Focus Mode are two key features of the Planit concept. We listened to our participants intently and addressed the difficulty of something as simple as adding tasks. We also included Focus Mode which declutters your tasks, this also includes an option to time block.

Task Prioritization is the core feature based on research. We recognized that people do not place priority on tasks because doing so is very difficult. Our hypothesis was that people will do it if we there were simple frameworks. We adapted a Difficulty / Importance matrix that makes it easy to program data into tasks.

Customer Acquisition was essential to measure our access to the markets we were targeting. I created the landing page to gather emails, we also tracked traffic via Google Analytics to gauge interest. See the live page at plnit.design.