Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

I'm a problem solving interaction design student at California College of the Arts in SF. 
I specialize in UI/UX, all things research with a deep interest in storytelling. I want to design interactions that leaves a positive influence on culture, values and the future.

If you have any questions about me or my work, or just feel like chatting it up. Email me, .


Julian Crespo
Julian Crespo

The French Lunchbox is a family owned Chicago based business. Their goal is to let people enjoy French comfort food, slow down and savor life.

Branding, Visual Design, Web Design

Logo design was where I started. I wanted to highlight the primary item on their menu. The potato is naturally rugged and essential to French comfort food. My intention was to include a classic serif font to juxtapose the roughness of the potato.

My challenge was to create a visual language that embodies the country style cooking and family aesthetic. I used a blue and red color to identify with the Chicago flag.

Packaging Mockups and highlighting the possibility of the rebrand is always a fun and exciting. Moving beyond imagination and providing context is something I find important.

Web Design was the last phase of the process. I wanted to simplify their existing content and introduce a new feel for their brand to exist. I used custom iconography and negative space to increase legibility.